Suspended eBay Account?

If you’ve been trying to make money from the internet, you must have heard of eBay. Who wouldn’t know of the popular online marketplace? It is probably the biggest and most successful major online auction service in the world. Anybody who would learn its art, which isn’t really that hard, would agree that it is a very powerful money-making tool. While for some is just a great way to make some cash from a few things lying around the house, others have discovered financial stability in eBay and found themselves leaving their jobs to enjoy the financial freedom. Find eBay Account For Sale

What horror would one feel if you wake up one day and find an email telling you that your precious eBay account was suspended? For anyone who relies on eBay trading for a living, it could be most disastrous and means an instant loss of money and opportunities to make more.

There could be several reasons for the suspension of your eBay account. One could be that you have committed a serious breach on any of eBay’s Rules and Policies. Trading stolen or counterfeit goods is among those. Somehow, if you have misrepresented the exact nature of the goods you are selling, it will get your account suspended too. Another reason of suspension is the failure to pay your eBay fees. Suspended accounts due to the latter is easy to resolve by paying the fees immediately.

However, if you’re not sure why your account was suspended, don’t think at once it is the end of all the goodness and money you’re getting from eBay. Finding out the reason is always the wisest thing to do first. Normally, eBay sends out an email informing you of such, and how to reinstate your account. If you didn’t get one, get in touch with them through the “Contact Us” button they have on their homepage and you will be sent a reinstatement instruction which you can work on.

Things might not work as easy as your think though, and I would understand if anybody would be alarmed to find their eBay accounts suspended. The process can take a while depending on the reason of suspension and what was asked from you.

While your account is suspended, you cannot bid or sell, you may lose current bids and have your sales forfeited. On top of that, your buyers will be notified about your account suspension which makes it embarrassing on your behalf. So if you’re determined to have your account back, you must go on with the appeal process really quick and do what they’re asking from you.

Once you have your problem resolved, make sure you don’t get your account suspended again. If you have an eBay account, taking steps to avoid having this happen to you might come in handy after all. Be honest with your dealings and never compromise your integrity for any reason. Represent your goods accurately and never sell counterfeit items. It is always important to have a clear understanding of their rules and regulations. The idea of making money is always exciting, and one would rush into trading right away to quickly make some cash. It is always a smart move to go over the “Policies” tab for a while and pay attention to the fine print. The few minutes you spend reading the guidelines might be worth well the money you’ll be making from eBay if you keep your account in good standing.